Personal Device Protection

The Sentry is an anti-theft device and personal alarm which plugs into your phone.  It sounds the alarm if your phone is stolen.


Protect Your

Loved Ones

Share the App with friends & family to keep them safe.

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System Technology



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Loud Alarm

Choose from three ear piercing sounds which can be played at up to 76dB through your device speakers

Blinding Strobe

With strobe activated, bright flashes blast from the device’s flash light.


Each Sentry has a unique ID which can be locked to your phone

Motion Detection

With motion detection activated, Sentry will sound the alarm when someone moves your phone

Enhanced Protection/Guided Access Mode

Active your device’s Guided Access mode to make it even harder for thieves to dissable the alarm. iOS Only.

Coming Soon

New features such as Community Protection and GPS tracking are in development.

Future Features

Upload photo or movie evidence to your cloud

Where’s my phone.  Where’s My Phone integration

GPS location.  Send GPS location to your email

Group protect.  Alert Sentry friends about a theft

Sound Pack.   Download additional sounds

The Sentry


Wear your Sentry to protect your phone or use it as a personal attack alarm.


Protect your phone or tablet while they charge.


Loop items through Sentry cable or place items under your phone to guard.


Share your Sentry with friends and family to keep them safe.


Premium features add additional security for a small fee.  Coming soon.