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The Sentry gives you advanced personal features including live location sharing, check in function and one touch panic alarms with video capture.

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Safety at your fingertips

Check in feature

One click says “I am OK and I am here”. User decides the duration of location sharing from 1 minute to 24 hours.

One touch panic button

Activate either a loud or silent alarm from an easy access, one touch panic button on the phone’s home screen.

Live location map

A constantly updating map with global coverage allows multiple users to share their location when they check in or activate their panic alarm.

Manage instant notifications

Unlimited selected contacts receive instant notifications with live location when users check in or use the panic alarm. Individual incoming and outgoing contacts/alerts can be turned on and off within the app.

Record Video

This allows video to record when the panic alarm is activated, it will save to the user’s phone and can be uploaded to The Sentry secure servers.

Just checking in

Check in at the touch of a button. Users decide timeframe to share their location from 1 minute to 24 hours. Global coverage with multiple users visible on same map.

Deter would be attackers and get help

Instantly activate panic alarm using one touch buttons on home screen. User’s live location is immediately sent to their chosen contacts. The loud alarm’s siren sounds and a bright light flashes to attract attention.

The silent alarm gives no outward clue that users have summoned help. Disarming the alarm requires user’s biometric or pin code entry.

Live location sharing, multiple users, global coverage

Users share their live location with their network, worldwide coverage.

Check in with colleagues, friends and family.

Flashing panic alert Icon displays on map, showing where assistance is needed.

Multiple users can both see and be seen by their networks on the same map.

Video capture,

just in case

Enable the automatic video recording feature for when the panic button is used. Video with audio is stored on the user’s phone and on The Sentry secure servers. Users can download video using email link.

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The Sentry

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